TUI Virtual Group

We are an Official IFVARB approved Virtual Group


About Us

TUI Virtual Group is a virtual airline within Infinite Flight Simulator. The Virtual Airline is based on the European leisure carrier TUI Airlines. We have hubs all over Europe, but we are mainly headquartered in Hannover, Germany. From our hubs all over Europe, we operate short, medium and long-haul flights to over 150 destinations. On flying these routes we use our technologically advanced aircraft from the Boeing 737 to the marvellous Boeing 787. We want to give Infinite Flight pilots an incredible experience that they would enjoy and never forget. Feel free to apply today because TUI Virtual Group is right where you belong!

Where are we now?

Here on our live tracker, you can see all our aircraft currently flying! Getting millions of people from A to B.

Our Mission

Here at TUI Virtual Group, We Believe the Sky is for Everyone.

 Our mission at TUI Virtual Group is to be one of the leading Virtual Airlines within Infinite Flight based on professionalism, fun and flying which we will use to inspire growth and teamwork amongst our pilots.

Two of our A/C's at Gatwick